Center for Lignocellulose Structure and Formation

Our Research

The Center for Lignocellulose Structure and Formation (CLSF) is focused on developing a detailed understanding of lignocellulose, the main structural material in plants.


Every living organism on Earth uses glucose as an energy source. Plants not only make glucose from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide, but they convert much of it into an energy-rich material – the lignocellulosic cell wall – that is both a versatile material and a recalcitrant feedstock for liquid biofuel production, both properties stemming from its hierarchical structure at the nano- to mesoscales. Our research addresses key questions in plant biology: by understanding the fundamental science of how plants manufacture lignocellulose, we may devise new ways to control it (through genetic engineering) and transform it (through chemical engineering) for improved technologies to supply our energy and material needs for a sustainable future.

Research Plan and Direction

CLSF researchers investigate:

These manufacturing processes, practiced by nearly every plant cell, greatly exceed the current capabilities of human technologies. The goals of the CLSF are to develop a detailed nano- to meso-scale understanding of plant cell walls, from glucose polymerization and glucan crystallization into cellulose microfibrils to the orderly hierarchical assembly of the components to form the mature plant cell wall. Success in our research goals will offer many lessons in how to create such hierarchical structures, how to vary and manipulate them, and potentially how to disassemble them more efficiently than is currently possible. Our team of accomplished biological, physical and computational researchers with their diverse technical expertise and team collaboration work towards these goals which straddle biology and physics.

Research Highlights

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